Monday, 7 April 2014

March favourites

Gosh the months are passing by so quickly. We are four months into the year already I feel like so much has happened for me I don't really know where to start. okay Beauty & Fashion

My Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallet. Gosh I could use this every day. It's so simple and neutral, Extremely universal and will take me through all of summer.

Honestly I haven't been very fashion forward recently. It's why I haven't done any outfit of the days. I've been so focused on exams and rehearsals that I'm in leggings leotards, Tracky bottoms and baggy tops day in day out.

Not much TV. I've been watching Family Guy from the very beginning again when I have any chill time. It's no for the faint hearted family guy. you need to have a very dry sense for humor or just not be offended very easily.

I watch Toy Story 3 and cried like a baby. It was AMAZING! Just watch it. You must

None. Just boring  theory and philosophy books about the body and dance

Coming to uni has allowed me to meet so many amazing people including this person about I'm about to write about ( Sat in his room while him and my boyfriend get creative) Mr. Foot shooter is a talented DJ and musical master. Creating beats and reworking other tracks the first track I heard was a rework of a Ghost poet song which is absolutely AMAZING! So and check that out and much more on his SoundCloud here, Facebook  and Bandcamp

Photography by me at Cheyenne Williams Photography

Moving out of my accommodation. I didn't really like it there at all I came to my boyfriends as much as possible because I love all the people I've met here. i found out two day before that my contract my my place finished and I needed to be out with no notice. So I moved in with the boy at his and It's been the most fun time I've in the past four days ( Post about uni friend soon)

Hey Claire! I'm still obsessed with her. I've written about her before. her personality is beautiful she and has amazing style. She create stunning YouTube videos. she take the cinematic/videogrpahy side of it extremely which I feel a lot of YouTubbers don't explore enough. I would love to be big enough to collaborate with her sometime. Go check her out here.

FashionToast. Rumi is a stunning girl which impeccable fashion sense. Here photos are stunning. she completely inspires me to continue fashion blogging and take this blog to the next level.
Here is her Blog & Instagram

This post would be complete with mentioning Peaches Geldolf. This stunning Angle passed today. We don;t know how as of yet but I had to mention her being a huge part of the fashion industry for quite a while. She's been a huge inspiration for a lot of people. I wish her two young boys all the best.

It's sad when anyone dies. Peaches Geldolf is in the media eye so now shes passed it will be recognized. As much as we are sad she has passed we have to remember there are so many others that have passed at the same young age as herself. Lets time time out to pay respects to those without the status she had as well as her self we're all humans and unfortunately death will meet us all ( Gosh this is sad)

So for ending on such a sad note. From a young age I've always felt like I've had to pay condolences to any famous or not who has passed.

Hope you enjoy any how
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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

FOTD: My Four Day A Week Make Up Look!

Nars:Taos Blush, Naked Flushed Pallet & Sleek Contour Kit
Hey! Haven't seen you in a while, especially for a make up look right?
 SO I got my new camera and I promised that is if got on I would create for make looks and OOTD looks  but I broke that promise. 3 months into the year and I still haven't done a OOTD or a Make up Look. Sorry I haven't done them for personal reason but I'm upping my game and bringing you a fresh faced look today.

Actually This look isn't fresh face It's a pretty much medium coverage look with nearly all the trimmings but what's important is that the finish is skin like making it more wearable for everyday. this take me about 20 minutes to do and I wear this look on the days I don't have Uni as I have the time ans I enjoy taking advantage of my make up.  So lets get started

Naked Basics Pallet: Naked 2, Faint & Crave. Eyeke Liner. Maybelline Colossal Mascara

Base: My base is simply The Urban Decay Brightening Tightening Complexion Primer Potion as a primer. I don't use this everyday. I actually only use it for special occasions and very sparingly. ( It's £19 per bottle so it has to last) I use the Maybeline Baby lip in Cherry because I can't find my Carmex and my Neals Yard Remedies Lipgloss in Goji. It's has Organic Orange Oil and antioxidant white tea in it in the aim to smooth and protect so I like to use this as a base as well as a lipgloss.

For my foundation I use the Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation in 9.0 I recently bought the full size but I squeeze some into the sample pot and leave it at my boyfriends house for when I stay here. Today I used about two layers of this as I have some blemishes from my cold I had recently. I usually use one.Oh and I use the Eco Tools bronzing Brush and push and blend that into the skin.

Eyes: For my eyes I use the Urban Decays Naked Basics Pallet for a simple nude look. with the Urban Decay Shadow Brush I put Naked 2 On my Lid. With the Real Techniques Shading Brush I put Faint in my crease for some definition and a little bit of crave for a blown out smokey look. I also use a bronzer, Faint or Buck from the Original Naked Pallet to bland that Crave colour out.

Colours In Order on pallet( L-R)
Venus,Foxy,W.O.S,Naked 2,Faint,Crave
I the use the Eyko Skinny Mini Eyeliner Pen to lien my eyes and give me a cat like wing. I then used the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express Mascara to finish the eyes.

Face: I set my foundation with Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder in 001 Transparent.

I Bronze with the Bronzer from The Urban Decay Naked Flushed pallet them Contour with the Sleek Contour Kit in Medium.

For blush I use Nars blush in Taos and sometimes a little bit of the pink blush in the Flushed pallet for neutralize the Taos colour

Lips: Lastly I used Mehr from MAC today.

But here's a list of other everyday lipstick I would use:
MAC - Velvet Teddy
MAC Honeylove
Nars - Pigalle
Urban Decay - Fiend
Urban Decay - Rush
I Look slightly on the odd side don't I?

So here is the finished look!! What do you think? Too much? Not enough for you?
Let me know
Hope you Enjoyed
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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

March wishlist

I've been on a fashion rampage recently. I JUST WANT TO BUY CLOTHES!! if only it was that easy right?
Anyway here is a couple of things I've been eyeing up recently

Zara  V Neck Lace Dress
This dress seems so sexy yet comfy There something about lace that just oozes appeal. I love how dark it is because I am not ready for spring yet. It also seems pretty forgiving on the body

Zara - Short Sleeve Dress

It's a necessity to have a big comfy stripy dress!!

American Apparel - Pencil Jean

I'm on the hunt for a good quality pair of jeans. These are not as stretchy as most jeans but actually on he stiffer side like old originals ( Gap, Levi's and so on) I'm not a lucky girl when it come to jeans, I always seem t have to spend more on a pair so that they fit me well. £78 will have to do (Oh my, I can't, I won't)

So that's all!!
What has been on your wish list recently?
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Monday, 10 March 2014

Shop Obsession: Jacey's Clothing

I love finding out about new stores. It's so great to see people just jumping in and not worrying about the competition, just know they love what they do and wanting to get it a shot. This clothing is exactly that. I got a notification on Instagram about Jacey's clothing and I had to check them out.

I went on the website and I was stunned by how cute their pieces are. All items are hand made by the lovely Jessica Nock & Cheryl Burlinson. They are on two pieces including a cropped stop with spaghetti straps and shorts or skirts. The prints are so bright and colorful. It's the perfect amount of 90's through back without looking like screech from saved by the bell. ( We love you screech!) They also sell hair scrunchies and the same patterns. There patterns run from Watermelon prints,Gingham prints which remind me of school so much and the recent pink elephant print which my I add it my FAVORITE!! ( SO CUTE!)

Pink Elephant print for £20 Buy Here

So I contacted them and asked if i could write about them on my blog and they are such a great company. they kindly answered a couple of question that I would love to share with you.

Two peice Multicoloured squared A-line skirt set with scrunchie for £22
Buy Here

When did Jacey's first open and How long have you been running for?
Jaceys was first launched on February 5th 2014 so we have been open for just over 2 weeks! 

Who is the compnay named after?
It is named after our initials, Jess and Cheryl (JCs) we decided on this name when we were 16 during a college project about starting a business, and it's stuck since!

Your aimed audience?
Our audience is aimed at teenagers and young adults who love to wear our funky prints

What Item has become your most successful?
Our most successful piece so far would be our black and white gingham 2 piece

Retail's for £20 Buy Here

How long does it take to make a two piece?
The time to make each garment depends completely on fabrics and style (and juggling our orders around full time work!) Could take anything between 2 hours and 5 hours per 2 piece.

Who makes the outfits?
The outfits are made by ourselves- 2 20 year old girls, Jessica Nock and Cheryl Burlinson who love to design and make fashion.

Lastly, Who or what are your items inspired by?
Each garment is inspired by different things, our new summer collection is mainly inspired by bright, bold, eye catching prints.

Scrunchies in all prints retail for £2 Buy Here

I would like to thank Jess & Cheryl  for allowing me to share this with you guys here on my blog. They are such lovely girls and I wish them all the success in the world. I was meant to release this post a while back but I've been so caught up with Uni work and catching the bug ( oh and then my internet caught the bug) By timing has been atrocious but, these girls have been so understanding.

So and follow Jacey's clothing on Instagram here and Go on their site Check their pieces out and make sure you get on for the summer.I know I'm planing and getting a good couple of pieces here

Come back and tell me your favorite pieces from Jacey's clothing
Hope you enjoyed
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Monday, 3 March 2014

Shop Obsession: PLNDR

Do you ever find a company, shop or website that you just fall in love with but for what ever reason you new manage to buy anything? For me that PLNDR! I LOVE this site to bits they have such cool stuff on there that are of such amazing price and one of my favourite YouTube/Bloggers use s it all the time ( Erica Fae) But I never get around to buying from them. Until now!.I've been eyeing up some pieces on PLDNR for a while now and  have a couple of items on their I do plan on picking up sometime soon.

Buy Here
Sweetest Kill Romper In Black
Buy Here
The Long Flowy Cardigan In Teal

Domt forget to check the site out here and pick out your favorite bits to have a chat with me about
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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Shoe Obsession!!

I wanted to share My shoe obsession with you guys. As you probably know already, I'm obsessed with Zara shoes and they have a ton of shoes that I would just love to get If I wasn't a typical British Student ( Studying, Job Hunting and Broke)

One: Platfrom Heel Sandal
Two: High Heel Sandal With Mesh
Three: Leather Stiletto Shoes   (Fave)
Four: High Heel Sandal With Ankle Strap
Five: Leather Wide Heel Sandal
Six: Leather Biker Ankle Boot
Seven: Leather High Heel Peep Toe Ankle Boot  (Fave)
Eight: TRF Wrap Around Sandal   (Fave)

So you can tell which one are my favorite ( Named Fave or in Red) But, what I want t know is which ones you like best?

So jump down to that comment box below and let me know.

Hope you enjoyed
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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

LFW is here and it's been BRILLIANT!!

London Fashion Week finally came. Well, to be honest it came by pretty quickly but it seemed amazing as per usual. This Season I was very much interested in what people outside were wearing as opposed to the catwalk show themselves.

Don't get me wrong the catwalk shows seemed AMAZING! There are great articles and pictures of so many new and upcoming designers. Some of my favorites names were 1205, Ashley Williams and of course Henry Holland.

Ashley Williams 

Burberry's new collection made headlines this week. Highlight at least 90% of all the new trends about to hit us for A/W2014 and some spring trends. Cara Delevingne was the most popular model of the week feature on Burberry Catwalk show as well as her show stopping outfit over the weekend.

The one person that impressed me the most was Cara Delevingne. I love her all black androgynous number. It's such a simple and elegant look with just enough of a boisterous, grungy edge. The Docs and crop top kept this look so youthful and fun despite the tailored blazer and trousers.

Comment below if you want me to recreate this look!

Poppy Delevingne was easily best dressed for me. She looked stunning in that amazing grey coat and beautiful green shoes. Her outfit was the perfect introduction to spring. Her blouse and shoes both from Burberry ( The new collection I hear)

What did you enjoy most from LFW?
It's hard to write in depth when you haven't actually been there. I in no way want to copy other articles but for more in depth info about the weekend Read Vogue online.
This is just a dreamers opinion on it Until I get to to go one day. Gosh I hope I get to go one day haha!!

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