Friday, 18 July 2014

Haul: Kiss Kiss

Recently I've gone lippie crazy and bought a couple of gems that I wanted to share with you.

Heroine - Mac
A matte almost florescent purple . It has a fuschia -like undertone but very cool/blue. There is something about this colour that almost looks duo toned, It's a beautiful shade. A great pop for the summer.

Up The Amp
A amplified lipstick that is a light, kind of pastel purple. Despite it being light pastel colour there is no white tones in it making this wearable to darker skin tones. Again a beautiful cool tone purple/lilac. I think of this colour and the purple version of saint Germain or Snob

Lair - Urban Decay
A Gorgeous Creamy pink/brown toned nude. With a tan it appears more pink on me but when my skin is lighter it appears as in the picture. and beautiful browny nude, very similar to Velvet Teddy from MAC

Mehr - MAC
A matte deep, cool toned pink colour, A 'My lips but better' colour for lighter skin tones and a beautiful pink nude for darker skin tones. It's deep blue tone make this wearable across the board. It's a great colour to throw in your bag

Fiend - Urban Decay
A bright pink that looks nothing like this picture. It's a lovely pop of pink for the summer. like a more wearable Viva Glam Nicki 1

Hope you enjoyed
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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

LIfe Update: Im 20 FFS!!

So today I turned 20. This is crazy. I'm really not a kid any more and I have to accept that big time!

I had an unusual 20th birthday but a day I loved so much. I spent it by myself. This probably sounds very weird to a lot of people but in the past couple of months learning to spend time with myself ( yes with myself not by myself) has become very important to me. Enjoying my own company and making myself happy is something I wanted to make sure I could do so this year I felt my birthday needed to be a day were I spent all my time on me and it was great. I made a banoffe pie and then spent the whole day doing my hair and make up really slowly, Singing extremely loud and very bad and all of my favourites and danced about like I was in an exam. ( I study dance) It was probably my most fun and relaxing day since I left uni so far.

Make up look posted soon!!

Now I am sat here being little miss business woman and chatting to people about being featured on here and so fourth ( Yes I'll be doing much more on this poor neglected blog) and found my self reading old post. OH MY WHY HAS NO EVER TOLD ME HOW BAD MY TYPEO'S ARE!! I have always said that this blog will be full of typing errors, I've even explain that I never make mistake when writing my hand only when typing but I didn't think they were this bad and so consistent. It's actually kind of embarrassing. Not only do i appear to really struggle with my English ( which I don't) it also give a pretty bad impression  when you send you blog to people when asking if they would like to be featured on your blog. So the moral of this story is ... there isnt one. I always triple check and never realise until weeks, maybe months later, I suppose I'm just lazy)

I'll be ending this night but attempting to finish sewing my belly dance bra and watching Utopia. I wanted to let you guys know about this .. thing I've started doing. As of this year, every birthday I will start doing my own personal 'New year resolution' Technically your birthday is you personal new year which is the perfect time to make some resolutions. Now these are not your typical resolutions. All the points you makes must push your comfort zone and bring you one step closer to being the 'you' you wish to be,

for an example Im going to show you mine

Cheyenne's 20th Year Resolutions

1) Be youthful: Stop worrying so much about the future it's OKAY to not be sensible sometime and just live in the moment

2) Party .. HARD!!! Okay not too hard but GO out more often, spend  time with friend and leave yourself some good uni memories to look back on

3) Buy clothes you WISH you could wear not what more acceptable. Just go for it. That top look sassy. That backless leotard is a little sexy. Just wear it! Worry later, Just always bring a jacket

4) It's okay to look after yourself sometimes. Make up is okay. Spend 40 minutes on your make up sometimes

5) Do all the thing you need to do to be in touch with your body and mind: this one is more personal to go in depth in but this is one I think everyone should try out.

and the others are too personal for the internet, sorry.

Why not try doing this yourself. If you don't do them that's okay. My main goal is to be happy and fulfilled within myself.

If you try it out let me know what you put down ( unless they are too personal of course)

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

OOTD: Im back!!

It was the last couple of days in Uni so I thought I'd get some help and goo and take a couple of snaps. This
is the first one.

I LOVE this jumpsuit. I have had so many compliments in it and I feel so sassy.

The only problem I have is that I don't wear heels too often but I am mega small so I need hells when wearing this otherwise is just so long.

What do you think?

Hope you enjoy
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Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Let's Chat: Bonobos Mens Wear New Collection For Summer

I was contacted by a lovely man who introduce me to this amazing brand, I had to write about. This isn't a normal thing for me to talk about as Menswear is not my forte but I have fallen in love with this brand so I have to let you guys know about it.

Bonobos is a men's wear brand based in New York who do amazing smart trouser, shirts and full suits. Their focus is to 'deliver, a great fit, high energy and a superb customer experience'. I thought that was such a great way for a company to approach their consumers. Their clothing comes  in a range of style and colours to suit the casual man on a laid back Sunday or the working man who needs a good Monday to Friday suit. They launched their website in 2007 and is now one of the largest apparel brands to be built up in the USA. Bonobos was named "One of America’s Hottest Brands" by Advertising Age, 
"Best Men’s Pants" by New York Magazine and was awarded Crain’s "Best Places to Work in New York City".

What I found so great about he site is they you can enter you measurements on the website to ensure you get a perfect fit. Us women are kind of lucky when it comes to trousers and we have more specific size nowadays. We also have so much help and adverts to encourage us to get the perfect fit . Men don't as much so Well Done Bonobos!!
Bonobos offers a range to style for their trousers as well including straight cut, slim, tailored and more.

Bonobos don't only have a cool name this instantly made my think of a music group I listen to they are also releasing a new summer collection named 'Summer Time Chinos.' A Rage of garment dyed colour Chino's and shirts light weight with  beautiful summer colours and a worn in feel, comfortable and perfect and any occasion, Literally any occasion. When viewing the pictures I loved how a lot of their pieces were able to be worn for casual days out as well as to work which is great as I know men/boys don't like having too much choice. and then when reading their quote 'This is one pant that's perfect for summer weekends - it's downtown friendly ... and thanks to its broken-in feel and classic styling, exceptionally easy to wear.' Reassured me that these were worth the money for a man who is in need to a good quality pair of chinos. 

This look has to be my favourite. I know I picked the one with the dark colour but the shirt just grabs my attention. This whole look is just perfect. I love the Vintage rose like pattern against this light blue colour. It's a great way to add some colour and colours men would streoptypicaly wear ( pinks/reds/flower prints) The chinos are a great rich colour perfect for dinners or just running errands. this look is comfy yet put together, Smart but casual enough to look approachable.  I Love it!!

Unfortunately Bonobos does not ship to the UK as of yet. They only ship to North America & Australia If you live in New York or near A Nordstrom. Pop in and try on a pair before you buy. To check out the new summer collection click this link Here!!

What do you think of Bonobos
Which look what your favourite
Hope you Enjoyed
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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Life Update: Year One of Uni over

So Uni is officially over!! It had been for a few weeks now but I stayed in Brighton to soak up as much of it as possible and spend some real time with my friends. This year has been a huge journey for me. I went to virtually no friends to a group of real solid friends I trust and love being around.

Living in Brighton has been one of the most fun time of my life. I've grown in such a tiny space of time an I'm loving it. Brighton is such a beautiful place. I've loved just roaming the laines and wondering into all the cool little shops and going crazy in church hill square and of course all the house parties in Sussex Uni, oh and Our Bangin Lemz events ( Bangin Who? You'll find out soon)

Don't get me wrong Uni is a hue challenge. Moving out and living by your self is tough. The first half of the year for me was awful. I lived in a place I didn't like very well. I felt lonely a lot of the time and struggled to just get out their and live the uni life. Now I can't wait to go back for year 2.

Year 2 I'll be living in Brighton and 6 of the most amazing people I could ever come across. We were the most varied arsty house ever. We have a 2 DJ's, A Poet/MC, An Artist, A Photographer/Videographer,A football and Hiphop Fanatic and A dancer (Myslef)

Overall this year as been hard but great, stressful yet relaxing, challange but has given me growth. If your are thinking about what's next for you Considered checking out a few universities. I think it allows growth that you can't get anywhere else.  Of course, it is not for everyone. I have met some people who won't be returning for second year and even though they have decided Uni is not for them, They still enjoyed their experience.

Whats your thoughts on University?
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Saturday, 14 June 2014

May favourites

Hey guys. Long time no see right? I'm back! Uni is officially over so writing for you guys has begun. Lets get right in with these favourites., It's been a pretty good month.

My favourite beauty item of the month has to be my Sigma Mrs Bunny collection. I bought it recently after drooling over it for easily a year and a half. I won't go into too much detail as I will be writing a review on it very soon  for you but, they are amazing Synthetic/Sigmax brushes that include no animal hair,testing or cruelty so they are perfect for vegan. They have to be the softest brushes I have ever felt in my life. They glide beautifully on the skin and has taken my make up techniques to a whole new level. I get comments so much on how natural or flawless my make up is looking which is pretty amazing ( I dread to think what it looked to prior to these brushes Ha-Ha)

I have been shopping A LOT recently. I've been pretty selfish and telling myself I deserve it ha-ha. My bought a gorgeous pair of trouser ( In the wash as I speak) from River Island. Now I NEVER shop in River Island. I usually can't stand the place but recently I have bought 3 item from their I love Including these trousers. They are a navy blue base with a bright Yellow/orange floral print all over them. They are made out of perfect light weigh cotton ready for summer and nice and lose. I've worn them almost every day. they were £30 But so worth every pound.

CLEVELAND SHOW!! I Love watching Cleveland show. Its so funny and great for sad glum days.

I went to watch 'When the wind rises with a couple of friends. It was such a beautiful film. Created by  Hayao Miyazaki it's a beautiful film about an aspiring flight engineer  how meets a woman that years later becomes his wife. We watch through the success of his career and the loss of his wife. It's such a heart warming film that is perfect for anyone to watch. You MUST watch!

Again, No Books. I've been working too much recently and know want to read my uni books even me.

Bombay Bicycle Club have retuned with an amazing new sound and new album named 'So Long, See You Tomorrow' It's a Amazing album and so many new infulences. The beautiful Indian ( and some would argues Caribbean)Influence on 'Feel' ( My Favourite Track) The dance sound in' Carry Me and the Old school R&B sound in 'Home By Now' so much has created this album and it's paid of. I think everyone should give this a listen.

Hmm, Probably finishing Uni. As much as I love uni and I am excited for next year I was ready for it all to end. I'm in need of a huge break as it was just all getting too much for me. A better memory would be getting my first ever professional dance job. I wont say much now as I don't start until August but you will find out very soon.

Some of my Uni Friends how kindly agreed to danced for an event I'm involved in called Bangin Lemz

I haven't actually been on YouTube very much recently. Just been keeping my head down and working hard. sorry

NO Bloggers either. Sorry guys

I hope you enjoyed the month of May.
Looking forward to the Summer? I'm Not (I burn so easily and I hate the heat)
Don't worry if you're like me and hate the sun. I'll be here writing loads for you

See Ya

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

FOTD: 40's

So I've been really trying to re-vamp myself, Find my inner sexy. Be my own version of Femme fatale realness ( Sorry, been watching a lot of RuPaul's Drag Race) I've bought A LOT of clothes ( so bad) I'll be doing OOTD soon but my make has been changing allot to. I've very much inspired by the 40's and the techniques they used. I had to incorporate it to my own to create a subtle, glam from within look. I've had some good compliments on it so I thought I'd share it.

What I used: 
Prime - LO'ccitane Concentré de Lait
            Avéne Eau Thermale Trés Haute Protection Créme Spf50
            Benefit - The Porefessional Primer

Base - Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation (9.0)
           Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation ( 9)
           Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer (Caramel)
           Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (001 Translucent)
With- Eco Tools Bronzer Bronzer Brush
          Sigma F60 Foundation Brush
          Real Techniques Powder Brush

Eyes - Urban Decay Primer Potion
Urban Decay Naked Basics Pallet ( W.O.S, Naked 2, Faint & Crave)
Urban Decay Naked Pallet (Naked)
Lo'real Superliner Slim
With- Sigma F70 ,E70,E40,E55,E30
Face- Sleek Contour Kin ( Medium)

          Bobbi Brown Blush (34 Berry)
With - Sigma F40 
           MAC 150
           Real Techniques Shading Brush

Lips-  Urban Decay Revolutionary Lipstick (Liar)
          Nars Matte Lipstick  ( Pigalle)
          Lime Crime Velvetine (Wicked)

Hope you enjoy
See ya